Our Church Leadership

Revd. Canon Martin Reakes-Williams

Martin has been the chaplain of LEC since it first began in 1995. He shares leadership and oversight of all aspects of the church's life with the other elders.

Klaus Hickel

Klaus and Judith are missionaries to the German congregation at LEC. Klaus is also involved in the translation of Moore College PTC courses into German. Jude is involved in German projects with EMU Music.

Larry Norman

Larry & Sinead Norman are serving Leipzig English Church and the wider Leipzig region in ministry. Larry is leading the youth ministry and youth interaction camp. Sinead works with the IFES Europe ministry.


Klaus Hickel
Arne Käthner
Vittorio Montauti
Peter West


Johannes Fischer
Arne Käthner
Vittorio Montauti
Wendla Weih
Marga Bauer
Mayke Lindemann
Sally Nixon
David Sinclair
Klaus Hickel
Sinéad Norman
Peter West


Johann Hensen
Stefan Seidel

Synod Reps

Petra Elias
Jemima Gardner
Jozeka Tajik

Officially Anglican

With our roots in that denomination, we aim to be a church where a person from any background can feel at home. Many people comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere on Sundays, and enjoy the blending of old and new, traditional and contemporary.

We are part of
God's universal church

Church of England 
Diocese in Europe

Supported by the
Intercontinental Church Society

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Leipzig English Church
Services: Scharnhorststr. 29
04275 Leipzig
Office: Shakespearestr. 53
04275 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341 3027951
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Public Transport

• Trams 10 & 11, buses 60 & 74 to K-Liebknecht-/K-Eisner-Str.
• Tram 9 to K-Eisner-/A-Hoffmann-Str.
• Bus 89 to August- Bebel/K-Eisner-Str. (about 5 min walk)
• S-Bahn to "Leipzig-MDR" (about 10min walk)


We are an international community
united by God's love and a common city.