Children's Church at LEC

Sharing God's Story

Morning Service 

We love our kids and want to help them to grow into their own faith. On Sunday mornings, we have three groups for our children, and one for our younger youth. All children begin the morning service in the main sanctuary with the rest of the congregation for our opening songs and prayers, and then are excused for their activities.

All Children's Programmes at the Morning Service are bilingual. We strive to include every child in the language most comfortable for them.

Diggers 11-14 years

Gold Diggers is an opportunity for youth aged 11+ to "dig into" the treasures of the Bible on Sunday mornings.

Miners 7-10 years

Gold Miners are our children between the ages of 7 and 10 who learn to mine the Bible for its priceless truth themselves.

Nuggets 3-6 years

Gold Nuggets is for children aged 3 to 6. They learn about the Christian faith through bible stories, songs and games.

Dust 0-3 years

Gold Dust is our creche area for babies and children up to about 3 years. A sound relay is provided for parents to listen to the sermon from the creche.

German Service

 The kids programme at our German service is primarily in German. We do strive to include every child in the language most comfortable for them.

Children's church is provided for all ages for the German service together. 

A Creche for infants is also provided.

Questions & Feedback

We love hearing from our parents and our kids, too. Feel free to send us your feedback. If you are just beginning to explore the children's ministry at LEC, we would be pleased to connect with you and walk you through what you can expect for your family on Sunday. 

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Public Transport

• Trams 10 & 11, buses 60 & 74 to K-Liebknecht-/K-Eisner-Str.
• Tram 9 to K-Eisner-/A-Hoffmann-Str.
• Bus 89 to August- Bebel/K-Eisner-Str. (about 5 min walk)
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