Resources for Care & Growth

We offer many resources to understand and apply the Christian faith more deeply.   Whether through courses, books, or the personal ministry of biblical counseling, we are eager to equip each other to live in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Christianity Explored

An informal 7 week long course investigating Christianity. It explores who Jesus was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him. Topics include: Misconceptions about Christianity, The Authority & Identity of Jesus, Man's problem: Sin, The Cross, The Idea of Grace, The Resurrection, The Cost of Following Jesus/Choices.


Biblical Counselling

We are training counsellors to come alongside fellow believers and look at how the gospel applies to our most difficult troubles in life. Whether you need a counsellor or are interested in training, we want to help. Our pastoral staff are also available to meet with those seeking guidance. For information on how to contact our staff, please see our contact page.


Sermon Archives

Most sermons are recorded and are available on our recording site for free download in mp3 format. The site has an archive from November 2006 onwards. Alternatively you can order CD copies of the sermon recordings from Stefan Seidel, or cassette tapes from our earlier archives, at the bookstall.

Intense Bible Survey

Moore College in Sydney offers an online bible course, with a strong emphasis on understanding each part of the bible in its overall biblical context. LEC has been involved in translating it into German. This course is flexibly designed so that each student can study at their own pace.


EMU Music Project

A growing collection of contemporary, biblical, Christ-centered music from the Australian-based worship label EMU Music is being realized for the German-speaking world through our dedicated, in-house team of music professionals and volunteers at Leipzig English Church. 



Once a month after the services, we offer a bookstall with a selection of Christian resources in English and German for sale. Further resources, including copies of the gospel, are available in various languages. If you are not sure what you are looking for, ask our bookstall staff for further information or recommendations. 

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