Prayer Book Service

9:00 a.m. monthly

Morning Service

10:30 a.m. weekly

German Service

4:00 p.m. weekly

Evening Service

6:30 p.m. weekly

Special Service Information for Sunday, Jan 19th:  There will be a Morning Service only; and NO ‘Sonntag um 4‘ or Evening Service this Sunday - do come to the Allianz Service at 5pm! (Puschstr. 9 in the Pavillion der Hoffnung).

Church Lunch - Our monthly chance to enjoy time together over a meal: this Sunday, 19th January from 12:30pm at the Gemeindehaus. Bring yourselves and some food to share!

Evening Service 6:30 p.m.

The Evening Service is a time of worship, prayer and teaching that finishes the day centred on God and in community with one another. Characterised by a core student attendance, the evening service is a good mix of ages and life stages, minus the very youngest, as there is no children's programme offered that late.

Prayer Ministry

Two people are available at the front straight after every English service. It's fine to ask for prayer by just one of them. They'll be wearing badges.

Refreshments & Fellowship

Please stay, enjoy refreshments and let us get to know you. Most Sundays people will informally go out to a nearby restaurant. Feel free to join us.


There is a Communion service once a month. Everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is welcome to share in this.

Contact Us

Leipzig English Church
Services: Scharnhorststr. 29
04275 Leipzig
Office: Shakespearestr. 53
04275 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341 3027951
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Public Transport

• Trams 10 & 11, buses 60 & 74 to K-Liebknecht-/K-Eisner-Str.
• Tram 9 to K-Eisner-/A-Hoffmann-Str.
• Bus 89 to August- Bebel/K-Eisner-Str. (about 5 min walk)
• S-Bahn to "Leipzig-MDR" (about 10min walk)


We are an international community
united by God's love and a common city.